Medicare supplements plans for as we all know are supplement plans. Though Federal government provides sponsored Medicare plans, but one need to purchase Medicare supplement plans from private insurance company. Medicare supplement plans are provided to cover extra medical cost which is out of scope of Medicare plans. There are ten different types of Medicare supplement plans available in United States of America and each of the plans have different rate from each other. The different types of supplement plans available are A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N.

Factor on which exact rate of Medicare supplement plans depends

Medicare supplement plans rates can vary because the cost of premium of supplement plans varies depending on the plan you choose. The various factors on which the rate of Medicare supplement plans may depend are as follows.

  • Medicare supplement plans cost may vary from company to company from which you buy the Medicare supplement plans.
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  • Medicare supplement plans cost can vary based on the time period.
  • Type of plan one selects mainly affects the cost of Medicare supplement plans based on the cost coverage by each plan.

What is the rate of Medicare supplement plans?

Rates of Medicare supplement plans can vary from plans to plan based on its popularity. Moreover the rates can also vary from company to company that sell such policy. In this article, here is a list of average rate of monthly premium based on data published by different insurance company providing Medicare supplement plans.

Plan A

The average monthly premium of plan A is around $305.

Plan B

The average monthly premium of plan B is around $418.

Plan C

The average monthly premium of plan C is around $409.

Plan D

The average monthly premium of plan D is around $353.

Plan F

The average monthly premium of plan F is around $316.

Plan F (High deductible)

The average monthly premium of plan F (high deductible) is around $67.

Plan G

The average monthly premium of plan G is around $257.

Plan K

The average monthly premium of plan K is around $119.

Plan L

The average monthly premium of plan L is around $207.

Plan M

The average monthly premium of plan M is around $311.

Plan N

The average monthly premium of plan N is around $195.

The data mentioned above is an approximate data and it may vary based on the company you choose to buy the supplement plans.

Understanding the needs of health care is essential if you wish to make the right choice for Medicare. It is very important to know your needs as it helps in customizing your Medicare coverage.


United Healthcare Medicare advantageHere are a few questions that may help in decision making.

  • Generally, do you visit doctor often? If so they may be costly. In such situations, having Traditional Medicare, pays around 20% of the amount Medicare approved after Part B deductible. With Medicare Advantage Plans, copayment set is paid with each visit after meeting the deductible Part B. however, with any coverage Part B premium should be paid monthly to Medicare.
  • Do you wish to see any particular hospital, doctor or pharmacy? Medicare Advantage plans have their provider’s network and pharmacies offering special pricing. Generally, the plan members here pay costs out of pocket and also for the services less. But, if you wish to see a doctor or hospital beyond the network list, you end up paying more for the same services and care.
  • Any chronic conditions? This may need frequent doctor or specialist’s visits and regular health care. Consider the coverage choices to address the cost. Medicare Advantage plan that feature Special Needs may be appropriate for such situations.
  • Kidney failure last stage? Such people cannot get Medicare Advantage Plans enrolled and they must stay with the Traditional Medicare, though exceptions are applicable.
  • Any new diagnosis of your health, any procedures or planned surgeries? Any change in health requiring more services and care means you must understand that you need and compare the coverage choices.
  • Prescription drugs that you take regularly? United Healthcare Medicare Advantage in 2019 can be found at and mostly had the drug coverage. There is plans formulary for the drugs and if they are not in this formulary, it may require you to pay more. Consider plans covering drugs.
  • Is there other health coverage, from employers of your spouse or yourself? People having health insurance from the employer may enroll in Part A Medicare and deny Part B. Part B may be avoided until you get the coverage without penalty and this means you can buy it as you become eligible for SEP. Part A covers hospital expenses and is premium free.
  • Do you frequently travel or live in a different state part of the year? The Medicare Advantage plans have providers network and pharmacies in their service areas. Generally, plan members pay for services and care less if the provider is from the network. But, while traveling you may be paying more.